How to Fix a Fortnite Crash: Error 0xc00007b or UE4-FortniteGame


0xC00007B glitches are due by Windows perhaps not needing usage of a required addiction to run a program.

The error is indicative of a procedure malfunction, or even another problem with all the records of Windows.

With regard Fortnite, and also the way the system may demonstrate the error whenever you make an effort to load up the match, the answer is really to make sure you have the essential dependencies properly installed – and – reachable – on the platform.

Whilst that can be quite a tricky process, the inherent reality is that it’s really a frequent problem for Windows to endure from addiction problems; the remedy is to guarantee everything is working with the match.

Result in

As stated, the 0xC00007B error implies that your system desires a specific document to conduct a program, but does not get it.

The malfunction is not special to Fortnite; it could show for a variety of software, and is still just a Windows error.

It will normally show together using the next article:

The application could not start right (0xC00007B). Click Okay to close the program.

The greatest issue of this specific error particularly is the deficiency of justification of exactly what actually lead it to show. A number of other glitches explain the setting or file which caused the exclusion, not this.

To take care of the issue, you’ve got to either pinpoint the problem, or focus with many of expected repairs in the expectation that one will solve it.


As mentioned, the mistake features a plethora of causes. But to receive the answer – you have to be certain you possess the proper dependencies accessible & reachable on your system.

In the instance of Fortnite, famous brands DirectX, Unreal Engine,” visible C++ and.NET are typical required to ensure the match may operate. Hence, the first port of call would be to be certain that they are correctly installed.

To Get This Done, you Want to Adhere to those measures:

1. Adjust Fortnite Application Preferences

The first measure is quite easy – shift its application configurations to be certain that it might run correctly in Windows.

To Get This Done, you need to Have the Ability to Find the”Binaries” to your game, and it can be archived with all the Subsequent measures:

Press”Windows” +”R” keys on your computer keyboard
Type”explorer” right into the box and then press”OK”
Browse to the subsequent: C:\App documents \Epic video games \Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64
Right-click onto”FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” and select”attributes”
From your tabs on cap of the display, select”Compatibility”
In the bottom of the window, check”Disable full screen optimisations”
Assess”Run the app as administrator”

immediately after doing this, consider running the match again. In case the error persists (which it likely will), then you are going to want to succeed together with the subsequent measures.

2. “Confirm” Fortnite

In the event the preceding doesn’t work, you will need to manually”verify” the Fortnite setup.

To do so, you’ve got to load up the Epic video games launcher app and also run the confirmation procedure Fortnite Battle Royale Hack. In the event that you can not start the launcher, you’re want to jump to the next measure.

Navigate to do:\Program documents \Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame (or wherever your Fortnite game is installed)
Find the Win64\Binaries folder + delete it
just click onto your desktop > click onto the”Epic Games Launcher” icon
once the launcher loads, simply click the”Fortnite” tab
About the”start” (green) button, then select the cog
In the list that appears, choose”Verify”
This will take some time, but may basically reinstall the Fortnite executables so that the overall game can work
following this process completes, restart


machine and take to the match again

The likelihood is that this will not enable the match to perform properly again. The problem with all the overall game likely arises in an busted, defective or incompatible dependency on Windows.

3. Reinstall the Overall Game

That is very extreme, but for those who have the patience to complete it – should make sure the difficulty is resolved.

To perform it, you Want to Adhere to the measures:

In Windows 7, click on”begin” >”Control Panel” >”Add/Remove packages”
In Windows 10, right-click on the”Start” button select”Apps and Features”
In the list, choose”Fortnite” as well as the”Epic Games Launcher”
un-install both
After the download process finishes, restart your system
Download a new version of Fortnite from the Epic online games internet site
set it up fresh onto your system

This will be certain your computer has the ability to see the numerous files that the game requires (IE ensure that the mistake is not with the game it self, rather Windows).

4. Re Install Visible C++

The very next thing to do is to re-install the Visual C++ redistributable packages which exist to help Windows run many software.

V C ++ might be known to many individuals, but is actually really an essential software for several apps. Many require it to conduct – off and it can be the case that a few of the own files are either corrupted, damaged or just perhaps not written properly.

To Guarantee this Really Isn’t the Issue, you Have to Use These steps to fix this:

In Windows 7, then click on”begin” >”Control Panel” >”Add / Remove Apps”
In Windows-10, right-click”Start” > select”Apps and Features”

After achieving this, scroll into the”visible C++ Redistributable” section
Make an email of just about every variant installed on your own system (such as this”x86/x64″ structure )
Uninstall each of these
Restart your computer

Following the uninstallation process completes, and your system restarts, navigate to the net and appear”Visual C++ redistributable most current downloads”.

Click on the very best link which exhibits (it should really be”Micro Soft”) and download the several VC++ variants that you simply recorded before eliminating them.

Once you’ve put in the numerous VC++ libraries again, restart your computer and after that try running this game. In the event the fix worked, the match should do the job.

5. Re Install Unreal Engine

After re-installing VC++, you have to decide to try with Unreal Engine.

Unreal motor is the application that induces the Fortnite game, and was developed by Epic Games.

In a few cases, the engine might become corrupted or damaged, resulting in errors such as the one you’re enduring.

To resolve this, how you could reinstall this motor:

Read to”C:/App Files/Unreal Engine”
Click on on”Uninst.exe”
Obey the Actions to re install the motor
when complete, go to the Net and search for”Unreal Motor Down-load”
Simply Click the Very First link and then save your executable for your system
Run the executable files That Are stored
Strive Jogging Fortnite again – after installation completes

6. Use Dependency Walker

If you are seeing the error, it’s worth pointing a tool which lots of people aren’t going to consider – Dependency Walker.

Dependency Walker exhibits which”dependencies” a program uses – and – therefore files it requires to run.

In case your machine doesn’t need the right document, then it will show up as reddish inside this application.

In case you’re Ready to run this method properly, it must point out which files are lost out of the system – allowing you to reinstall the necessary packs to Receive it working :

Just click onto your favorite search engine and search for”Dependency Walker download”
You should come across a page which high lights”depends.exe”
From here, down load the version suitable for your system
operate it and select the Fortnite executable file (it’s the”FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe” file in Measure 1)
discover some of these files that might be missing
if you discover any files that it cites, you have to look online for that deal they have been a part of, and also re-install said package

immediately after achieving so, you will need to try the match of course, should it’s *still* doesn’t get the job done, it typically means that you have a problem using Windows by itself – or another catalog / offer.

To resolve the matter at this point, it is advisable you search greater special aid (more than what might be given in a online essay ). To do it, you should look online at communities like SuperUser or even Micro-Soft prices.

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