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One of important thing need to be achieved before constructing the construction structural would be the structural foundation. The sort of construction foundation are all raft foundation, floor base, piling base. Normally before construct a construction, we want certainly to check soil condition for this construction. This is done by completed out dirt investigation(SI). The analysis of SI report may be used for figure out kind of base.

As a consulting scientist, it’s going to be usually that engineer must prepare RC drawings for client. Client desire it for quantities intention. Ordinarily, SI will carry out at the later stage i.e. following the earthworks conclusion zemní práce Praha.

Like a result, just how can consulting engineer to perform preliminary variety of foundation?

Preliminary assortment of foundation could be contingent on exactly the earthworks foundations. A simple way is speaking to this cut and fill spot from earthworks foundations. Where cut space will select pad foundation and fill area will probably select just as heap foundation. When fill area is significantly less than 1.2m, it can act as base foundation because foundation need a certain depth for construct.

Still another process of determination

be on site excavation, engineer need to go to site to witness the ground condition. Engineer can see how a excavator excavate earths. Can the excavator can effortless get rid of the dirt. Will soil is loose at vertical sides of excavation hole. If the answer is sure, then ground remains soft. It is advocated touse pile foundation else pad foundation might be recommended.

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